ILASS 2019 is the 29th European Conference on Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems. Following the 14th ICLASS 2018 (Chicago) and 28th ILASS 2017 (Valencia) conferences, we will continue this tradition by providing a venue for industrial and academic researchers and students to engage in the scientific development and practice of Atomization and Spray Systems and to meet and share recent developments in these fields. We invite you to ILASS 2019 to take part in an event fostering inspiration, an exchange platform for all those interested in enriching knowledge of the complicated and challenging mechanisms of atomization. ILASS is the Institute for liquid atomization and spray systems.


You can download all the proceedings directly by sessions :

Droplet - Experimental

Internal flow


Experimental techniques

Atmospheric, agricultural and medical sprays

Droplet - Numerical



Or you can browse the proceeding via the sessions or by authors.


 Conference organised under the auspices of

SU CNRS ∂'Alembert IFPEN  


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