Comparison between splash of a droplet in isolation and in a spray impact
Davood Kalantari  1@  , Cameron Tropea  2@  
1 : University of SANRU
km 9 Darya Road, P.O.Box 578 -  Iran
2 : Technische Universität Darmstadt
Technische Universität Darmstadt, Darmstadt, Germany -  Germany

This study presents an experimental study of splashing droplets in spray impact phenomena. The obtained results indicate that the growth rates for crown base radius and crown height for a splashing droplet in a spray are significantly different than that of a single or train of single droplets impacting onto an undisturbed liquid layer. The dimensionless time required for development of the crown base radius takes about 70% longer in compare to the crown height development. Also results obtained in this study indicate that non-dimensional crown height increases linearly with Weber number before the impact.

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