Investigation of pressure swirl sprays using Volumetric PIV
Ondrej Cejpek  1, *@  , Jan Jedelsky  1, *@  , Milan Malý  1@  , Marcel Sapík  1@  , František Lízal  1@  , Amine Koched  2@  
1 : Brno University of Technology
Technicka 2 Brno -  Czech Republic
2 : TSI France Inc.
TSI Inc.
Hotel Technologique BP100, Technopole de Château Gombert, 13382 Marseille Cedex 13 -  France
* : Corresponding author

The volumetric measurement technique (V3V-Flex©) was used to investigate the spray generated by two pressure swirl atomizers (PSAs). Both a simplex pressure swirl atomizer and a spill-return pressure swirl atomizer were investigated. In this paper the experimental setup is briefly described and the essential functions and differences between the atomizers are outlined. The fundamental principles of the volumetric measurement technique are described. The behaviour of the PSAs under different test conditions is presented, and a comparison of the droplet flow field is made.

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