Droplet Sizing of electrospray based on Interferometric Laser Imaging
Azadeh Kebriaee  1@  , Hasan Rezaei  1@  
1 : Sharif University of Technology

Electrospray is applied to form very fine, small and monodisperse droplets using in pharmaceutical manufacturing, spaceship thrusters, and electrospinning. In this paper, the size distribution of electrospray in various modes has determined by Interferometric Laser Imaging for Droplet Sizing (ILIDS) technique. Bases on ILIDS method, droplets are irradiated by monochrome sheet laser, where the superposition of reflected and first-order refracted beams form a parallel fringe pattern at out of focus plane on the imaging sensor in the forward-scatter region. For the present work, an image processing algorithm is utilized to capture overlapped images of droplets to reduce the lost data in the sizing procedure. Since ILIDS method is applied for small and dilute spray, it is suitable for electrospray with Sauter Mean Diameter less than 20 microns. Two parameters including mass flow rate and applied voltage are considered as independent variables affecting on droplet sizing in the electrospray. Generally, our results confirm that a uniform distribution is formed in downstream of jet breakup in electrospray. The more populated region of spray is attributed to the axial zone near the point of breakup, where the unstable jet is disintegrated to droplets with larger diameters.

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